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Box Tube package

Box Tube package

WHO can use:

E-Juice, E -Liquids, Flavored Sauce, Oils,Essential Oils..




Label printing, put inserts into the caps

Production Lead time:

7days for available designs,Customized: 2-3weeks 

Quality Control

Apperarance:Check once every 3 hours,sampling at any time when site checking.It requires uniform color,no obvious color differences,no black spots and strange matters,no deformation and obvious scratches.
Specifications:Check noce every 3 hours,sampling at any time when site checking.Check the size and weight.
Sealing:Check noce every batch.
Eluate:Check every batch.
Water vapor permeation:Check every batch.
Microbial Limit:Check once every batch.
Vibration:Check once every batch.|
Anti-drop:Check once every batch.

4 steps QA test:

First step:automatic detector (sand hole&leakage)
Second step:pressure test & oscillator test
Third test:routing inspection each 3 hours
Four step:random inspection (pharmaceutical grade standard) 


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