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R&C take you to find the most beautiful sky

According to the Legend, Wang zhaojun has to marriedthe huns because of the political , when she came here. She could not help feeling homesick and began to cry loudly. Her tears formed the lake.This is the legend of Qinghai lake.When I heard this story, I yearned for more to go to Qinghai lake.
On the train to xining, I think Qinghai lake is just a small lake on the plateau, because according to legend ,The tears merged into the sea.Along the way,There are flocks of sheep and yaks which has been dotted on the immense grasslands,Along the road there were large stretches of golden rapeseed flowers which were in full bloom. the scenery on the road so dizzying.Then the driver said, "Qinghai lake is coming."We can see the water and grassland level from a far distance,it seems like the horizon.As the car drew closer, , Suddenly the immense lake appears in front of your eyes,

It is so amazing, What a big lake!Seeing the real qinghai lake, I denied what I had just thought.I thought of the guide's introduction: "Qinghai province is in the shape of a rabbit on the map, and u can consider the qinghai lake as the bright rabbit eye., R&C take u to find the most beautiful sky, Just ask for meeting in your beautiful years                                                        ——diudiu travel

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