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DIU DIU diary ------FengLong mountain


R&C team bring me have a hiking on-- Fenglongshan mountain today !!! It’s hot, but so happy! 

The whole hiking takes for about 4hours, all of us soaked the clothes with sweat~~~ Someone shouting I do not wanna go even one step any more! But here always a voice told everyone, we will reach the top very soon, there must be most beautiful scenery! 

 Not only hiking,we take many pics while we going!  Here really a beautiful place---- Fengshan Mountain!   Keep going, you will see the best thing! 

There not only a beautiful place, but also a historical place------------The legend of Feng Shan is the story of the time of Dayu's water treatment. In order to conquer the prosperity and wave of the dragon, Da Yu caused a disaster to the people of the the Yellow River River Basin, and the dragon was locked on the mountain, and the name "Feng Shan mountain" was named. 

 Welcome you here!!

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