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Analysis of thermal performance of glass bottles

Now, more and more consumers are beginning to understand the impact of high temperature on the glass bottle packaging. However, high temperature belongs to the external environment, we can not change the. Therefore, the glass bottle manufacturer, how to solve the high temperature environment of high temperature resistance glass bottle packaging is a problem need to be solved, or with the consumers for glass bottle packaging distrust increased, glass bottle packaging materials at any time the risk of being replaced.
If you can start from the glass bottle material itself, to strengthen the heat resistance of glass bottles, which is obviously the fundamental solution to the problem. However, it is not easy to implement this method. On the one hand is the need for capital investment, for the packaging materials R & D and innovation; a new material appears to require a certain human and physical research costs. On the other hand, it is also necessary to consider whether the production cost of the new material can be accepted by the market.
Therefore, as the glass bottle manufacturers change the heat resistance of glass bottle even if the opportunities and challenges, this is also the need for glass bottle manufacturer and glass bottle manufacturers together to improve sales, consumers also need when using glass bottle packaging products, can be more careful, to ensure the safe use of glass bottle packaging.
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